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We believe in simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Our user-friendly interfaces ensure that everyone, from beginners to experts, can navigate with ease.

Top Features

Experience the power of Africa’s first Poultry ONLY supply chain and production management solution

  • Plan multiple productions on same or different farms
  • Access multiple input brands
  • Buy only from verified vendors
  • Access insurance and affordable credit
  • Escrow guarantees customer satisfaction
  • Access prebuilt production templates
  • Record all expenses in your poultry farm
  • Record all income from your poultry business
  • Keep daily feeding records
  • Keep daily vaccination and treatment records
  • Keep daily mortality records
  • Keep daily Bird weight records
  • Keep daily egg collection records
  • Keeps flock management records
  • Get vaccination Reminders
  • Get reports on feed conversion ratio
  • Get periodic net income report
  • Get monthly cost per live bird reports

How it Works

We explore the full range of our solutions to ensure maximum value at the best possible cost to smallholder farmers and other relevant stakeholders within the supply chain

Create Production Plan

This is the first basic step after the farmer is fully onboarded on the platform and has registered his/her farm. The farmer can begin by providing the required information by filling out the production form, after which the batch production summary and schedule will be generated automatically for download or continuous use on the platform.

Purchase Input & Insurance Services

After the batch production summary and schedule is created, the farmers can proceed to the marketplace where they automatically peered with verified vendors closest to them. The farmer pays for the order on the platform from his/her wallet (cash or credit). Funds are escrowed on the platform until the farmer confirms receipt of input or opens a ticket to submit a complaint.

Manage Production

After receiving input, the farmer can begin using the farm management tool to record daily activities, track flock progress and monitor activity schedules to ensure predictable and desire results are achieved

Sell to Offtake Market

As soon as flock or eggs are ready for sale, the farmer can post to the market, indicating willingness to be listed for offtake and scheduled for pickup on the platform

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