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The Pullus Cluster Leader Programme(PCLP)

Pullus Cluster Leader Program for Poultry Farmers

Pullus Cluster Leader Program(PCLP)

The Pullus Cluster Leader Program(PCLP) is focused on aggregating small scale poultry farmers with the aim of promoting collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, increased farmers’ output, and ultimately raising the standard of living of smallholder poultry farmers. This initiative aims to strengthen communication and cooperation between Pullus Africa and the farmers, reflecting how best we can serve our farmers.

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What is Pullus Cluster? 

Pullus cluster is a group of small scale poultry farmers living in the same community and having the same interest. A cluster must have at least ten (10) farmers and we advise a maximum number of twenty (20). A community can have more than one cluster with different cluster leaders.

Pullus Cluster rating system


Who is a Pullus Cluster Leader?
  • Experience and practising Poultry Farmer
  • Possesses and operates a smartphone
  • Ability to gather and organise at least 10 farmers
  • Strong leadership and advocacy skills
  • Well-known and Respected in the Community
  • Empathic, honest and trustworthy
  • Effective Communicator
  • Educated, innovative and open-minded
  • Possess problem solving abilities
Responsibilities of Cluster Leader?
  • Drive breeding and off-taking of Birds
  • Champion the adoption of the Pullus app
  • Convert more farmers into the Pullus Community
  • Ensure effective information management and dissemination among cluster members
  • Collaborate with Pullus extension team to provide support to farmers
  • Ensure full compliance with best practices and regulatory guidelines
Benefits for a Cluster Leader
  • Financial Benefits (1% of Transactions) 
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Knowledge and Skill Development
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Recognition and Visibility

Benefits of joining Pullus Cluster Leader Program as a Poultry farmer

What does Pullus Africa want from you ?

Clusters will be supported by the Pullus team with the sole objective of increasing productivity and raising the standard of living of small scale poultry farmers. Pullus Africa aims to empower these leaders to act as a bridge between the farmers and the company by providing training and resources to effectively guide and coordinate their assigned cluster.

Pullus Africa team and Poultry Farmers
Pullus Africa team and Poultry Farmers
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What Pullus Africa aim to achieve with the Pullus Cluster Leader Program

This program will ultimately ensure that small scale poultry farmers have access to premium markets for the sales of their birds, input loans to improve production, and round the clock extension services for knowledge transfer and skill development.

How to become a Pullus Cluster Leader
How to become a Pullus Cluster Leader
Advantages of the Pullus Cluster Leader Program
  • Access to premium markets for farmers birds.
  • Efficient and impactful support system for small-scale poultry farmers.
  • Personalised support for Farmers necessary to improve their productivity.
  • Increased collaboration and Peer learning crucial for growth.
  • Access to current and relevant information regarding recent advancements and trends in the poultry industry.

Registration is still ongoing  click here


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