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  • Theme: Invest in women: Accelerate progress. As we celebrate International Women’s Day,we are proud of the  women who are the backbone in the poultry supply chain. From Pen to market, these women play a pivotal role in shaping the future of agritech and sustainable agriculture.  Widows and housewives Federal housing
  • Pullus Cluster Leader Program(PCLP) The Pullus Cluster Leader Program(PCLP) is focused on aggregating small scale poultry farmers with the aim of promoting collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, increased farmers’ output, and ultimately raising the standard of living of smallholder poultry farmers. This initiative aims to strengthen communication and cooperation between Pullus Africa
  • Poultry farming is the raising of domestic birds for meat or eggs. It is a popular and growing industry worldwide, offering a number of advantages to those who choose to pursue it. In the heart of Africa, there are many poultry farmers who have not only changed their own lives
  • As an African poultry farmer, you’re well aware of the immense potential and challenges that come with poultry farming. The demand for poultry products continues to rise across the continent, driven by growing populations, urbanization, and changing dietary preferences. To seize this opportunity and expand your sales, you need a
  •   Poultry farming is a lucrative and rewarding venture that has the potential to transform livelihoods and contribute to food security anywhere it is practiced. Poultry is also one of the most widely consumed sources of animal protein worldwide. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), global per capita poultry
  • Currently, African poultry farmers are facing a range of challenges that negatively impact profitability and operations. Challenges range from inflation affecting the cost of birds, bird feeds, vaccinations and medications, etc, to weather conditions, and hike in fuel prices for African countries like Nigeria. These challenges are exacerbated by economic
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