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She is the Hen House Hero

Theme: Invest in women: Accelerate progress.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day,we are proud of the  women who are the backbone in the poultry supply chain. From Pen to market, these women play a pivotal role in shaping the future of agritech and sustainable agriculture. 

Widows and housewives Federal housing Cluster1

“The world is facing many crises, ranging from geopolitical conflicts to soaring poverty levels and the escalating impacts of climate change. These challenges can only be addressed by solutions that empower women. By investing in women, we can spark change and speed the transition towards a healthier, safer, and more equal world for all.” —UN

This seats in accordance with our mission to empower small-scale poultry farmers especially women in the industry. This focus came from our observation of how resilient and industrious the female gender is, given an opportunity- The female farmer grows exponentially and supports the household by elevating poverty  through their poultry farms.

Housewives Rafin-guza

In our journey so far, we have met with so many Incredible women who have put their unwavering faith in us as we invest in them through the Cluster Leaders Program (CLP) training, they in turn turbo boost our efforts as we join hands to accelerate progress and bridge the gender income gap. Applying their intuition and dedication to ensure the health and well-being of their birds, these women are not  just caretakers; they are astute managers driving the success of their small-scale poultry farms, adapting best practices, embracing new technologies, and finding creative solutions to overcome obstacles with help of our extension personnels.

With the daunting statistics of poverty we are inspired to be inclusive 

We realize our financial and economic systems do not work for gender equality. That is why at Pullus Africa, we recognize the immense potential of women in poultry farming and championing gender equality to turbocharge a future where everyone in society can thrive, creating a world of boundless opportunity and empowerment for all.

We are taking intentional steps by providing educational resources and training programs specifically designed to empower women with the latest poultry management techniques and business skills. Developing and promoting accessible, user-friendly agritech solutions that cater to the needs of small-scale poultry farmers while facilitating connections amongst small-scale poultry farmers, fostering knowledge sharing, and creating a community of empowered female agripreneurs. When we nourish the women who nourish our world, we invest in a brighter future. Happy International Women’s Day!

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